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Hi.. Welcome to my story about how i-cars was created! Since the age of about 7-8 years old I had a total fascination with cars.. I used to watch my next door neighbours fixing and repairing their cars.. My dad was always fairly handy with doing home DIY in his own vehicle and I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty helping him fix his car..

When I got to the age of about 10-11 years old this car fascination turned in to bikes.. My bikes filled my dads shed up and one day the inevitable decision was made that I would have my own build shed where I could fix and play with my bikes in my own space!..

By the age of 12 the bike phase left me and I was back on to the car fascination much to my parents relief as they feared the bike love affair would eventually turn in to motor bikes and they dreaded me owning a motorbike..

The car fascination took over and the quest started for me to own my own car.. sooo for months and months I pestered my parents into letting me buy a car, eventually I won and I was allowed to buy my very first car!.. It was a light blue Metro I paid £175.. it was totally rotten and worn out, but an absolute conquest in my eyes as I owned my very own car!..

Eventually the Metro got scrapped, but the passion was still their for me to carry on looking for the next bargain... it came in the shape of an 1980 Austin Mini Clubman estate!.. Brought for £65.. with the help of my dad and a mechanic friend we got it through its MOT.. I cleaned it up and got it ready for sale.. the car owed me £230 and I sold it for £460.. a handsome profit for a 13 year old still at school..

That was it... the seed was planted for my car career.. At the age of 21 I started my own car repair workshop in Farcet, Peterborough.. I spent 12 years doing car repairs, light crash repairs, paintwork and of course buying and selling cars.. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every minute of my time down at Farcet..

In Decemeber 2015 I decided it was time to expand the buying and selling side of my career and this led to the creation of I-cars.. after a short spell in Fengate, Peterborough I moved to my current premises in Bakers Lane, Woodston, Peterborough..

I have a wealth of over 20 years of trading experience, my daily quest is to source lower mileage petrol cars with great service history!.. i'm a massive believer in a lower mileage car isnt worn out and will serve for many years trouble free motoring with its new owner!..

I try my up-most hardest to prepare cars to a very high standard!.. With a virtually (0) comeback rate, I feel over the years I have been very successful in achieving this.. and I do have many repeat customers who have total confidence in my judgement on what a good car is!..

Please feel free to come on down to i-cars here at Woodston, take a look around my stock, even better have with a coffee with me!..

Thanks for reading my i-cars story..


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